All that we have, all that we had.

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Happy Together [1997 Wong Kar-Wai]
DP Christopher Doyle


Clerks. (1994)

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yay~ winter soldier made me come back here. Hail Hydra


French Rococo - Jean-Honore Fragonard


     No one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal. In his nimble hands it would flatter and stream, quiver and sweat. His figures weep and shout, their torses twist and run, and arch themselves in spasms of intense sensation. He could, like an alchemist, change one material into another - marble into trees, leaves, hair, and, of course, flesh.  
     -   Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Bernini

Sneak peak of what I’ve been doing since 5am! Guillermo del Toro and Mia Wasikowska behind the scenes of Crimson Peak (2015), filming in Kingston, Ontario (photos taken by me on April 14, 2014).

"Once again the eyes of the nation have turned here to this tiny village in Western Pennsylvania blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There is no WAY that this winter is EVER going to end." - Groundhog Day (1993)

Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea,1951

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ugh, i deleted it. but it was 2X18 episode :)

"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)


Sebastian Sauve by Cristiano Miretti for GQ Italia