Anonymous: LOL you're always lying about going to see EVERY movie before it even comes out, it's ridiculous,

HAHAHA. i will upload my the amazing spiderman ticket tomorrow. lol. who wins? i win ! so please come to my blog again 36 hours later! 

  1. aairbenderaang said: omg Yuri you are perfect
  2. diannahatesyou said: someone’s jelly
  3. grodyteen said: u go gurl
  4. sweetsamofmine said: Why would you lie? Does anon not know about early screenings? There are ways to see movies before they come out. It’s not impossible.
  5. -lazarus said: lol :’D
  6. justaboat said: lol what an ass
  7. such-seething-brains said: OWNED