Anonymous: Hi! i was wondering if you could help me with something, so I was making a gif with text, and I decided to stroke the text, but then when I did it, it only did it on one frame. When I select all the animation frames, it still doesn't work, how do I do it? thanks!

Just selecting the first frame, then click - unclick-click the eye next to your stroke effect on and off:

  1. dvnedain said: you could also do it before making the frames from layers - then it’s stroked on all frames.
  2. come-at-me-debris said: Oh my God. Thank you so much for this. Everywhere I’ve looked says you can only do it one frame at a time, so, just thank you. <3
  3. harveyxspecter said: also might need to click “unify layer style”
  4. lifesuckswearahat said: you can also right-click the text layer after it’s stroked and click ‘create smart object’
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