The day when Spider-man met Deadpool…

Daddy it’s fine I’m used to them now. But tell me why they treat me like this? 

Arcade Fire – We Exist

“The boy, the bullied boy, was not a character in the original script. He was actually a thought that I had about wanting to see me as a seven-year-old in the movie. I mentioned it to Marc and the writers. I suggested that we see the exact thing that I needed when I was a seven-year-old, to have it happen to a seven-year-old: Spider-Man showing up to give him the strength to find his own inner-strength, even though he’s this incredibly skinny seven-year-old. I’m really proud of that.” - Andrew Garfield

Emma, if you had a chance become a superhero, what kind of power would you have?

I don’t like elitism. I like open access to whoever is nice and to whoever would like to come and join. There might be a screening process of a nice test. Like going, “Oh, are you nice?” And if you say ‘yes’ then you have to prove that you’re nice somehow with some subconscious hypnosis test or something like that.

But once you get inside, there’d probably be a lot of bounce houses and a foam pit and a skateboard ramp going into the foam pit and a lot of things that you could hurt yourself on. But you’d have to sign a waiver of course before you came in to make sure that we weren’t liable. There’d be probably a simulation of what it would be like to sit and lay and run through clouds. I’d hire a great visual artist to do that. I’d create a whole warehouse of the world in some way.

Andrew Garfield (when asked what his exclusive club would be like)

 under the spider-man suit  | 2012 -2014

Andrew Garfield on SNL S39 E19

Andrew & Emma on SNL | 2011 - 2014