Anonymous: Is your URL from the social network movie?

yeah~ from this scene.


Anonymous: then have you ever met emma stone?




also I shook hands with her :3

Anonymous: emma stone is so adorable and funny, idg why so many people dislike her??

i don’t know because i like her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous: your url > everything else tbh

it is my favourite line from TSN. here is a episode related to my url. i liked that line a lot so when Andrew Garfield came to my country, my friends made me a panel. It said “LAWYER UP ANDREW”. and as soon as he saw it, he really liked it. IT WAS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE. LMFAO.

Anonymous: Hi :D your gifs are a gift to humankind and must be protected at all costs :)

i love youuuuuuuuuu, thanks <3


Anonymous: do they play english movies in korean movie theaters quite frequently? if so, how big of a range is it? just curious. thanks!!

yeah, usually we can watch 1-3 new English movies in a week. But most of them are released later than other countries. For example, ’Her’ will be released in May 22nd and ‘Oculus’ will be released in May 29th. but some of them are released earlier than US or get same release date. i hope my answer satisfies your curiosity :)

Anonymous: have you seen tasm2? what do you think about it?

it was like (500) Days of Spidey. 

infinitiy: tbh you have the best url

Thanks for giving me this url, Mark Zuckerberg :D !


Anonymous: hey can you please gif more seb on political animals? your gifs of it are the absolute best out there srsly!

More human disaster gifs are coming including political animals.


and Thanks! <3 

Anonymous: do you know good fonts for graphics?

this site will help you :’) 

100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2012

and Merry Christmas <3


Anonymous: where are you from?


South Korea..

Anonymous: Hey, can I know what font you use in gifs? They look great.

Calibri font :)

Anonymous: can i use one of your gifs as my sidebar image?

yeah, of course u can use it :D and you don’t have to give credit when you use them as your sidebar & reaction gifs. feel free to use them :3

Anonymous: I'm not coming back for thirty percent...

Anonymous: What is your favorite team in Spain? Real Madrid or Barcelona